The Bunker Experience - Escape Room

I was the Production Designer and on-site Art Director
for a real live escape game with a maze,
set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world.

Set in a science-fiction inspired alternative universe, you have to escape a subterranean bunker and defeat a group of vandals set to destroy what remains of planet Earth following the wreckage of global warming. Will you succeed? Accept the challenge at this unique escape room in Pasadena and find out. This venue is more than your average escape room, it's an alternate reality game where the adventure starts the moment you walk through the door. It's completely immersive and highly story driven.
The first thing I noticed upon entry into our escape room was the design.
It was impeccably done with careful attention to detail
so that it looked like a real bunker. 
The Bunker Experience holds true to its name by being held in an actual bunker
and the staff took it to the next level with the setup.
Hands down, The Bunker Experience is one of the top three rooms
I’ve experienced in terms of production value.
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