SyFy Hot Set - Reality Show
I was a contestant on Syfy's production designer competition show HOT SET,
brought to you by the producers of FACE OFF.
Two Hollywood production designers go head to head to create ready-to-film sets based
on the same script with only 20 hours to design and build. What an intense experience!

My amazing design team Stephan Roggenbuck and Irving Ambrosio,
aided by Tadeusz Torzecki and the show's carpenters, scenic artists, and lighting designer,
did an incredible job of turning our vision into reality in just under
three days, with a budget of $15,000 and less than two hours sleep per night!
Our team was super professional, worked together smoothly (and even managed to have a lot of fun) despite the extreme conditions and hectic pace to turn out some very cool
production design.
The Design Inspiration:
After seeing the Android dancers and learning about the theme and script, I simply decided to play with the idea of placing this set in a floating, surreal, futuristic, 60's style world; a la Barbarella. I definitely didn't want to go obvious and predictable! The B-Movie feel is intentional. Well aware of the possible consequences, we went for it!
In fact, judge Lilly Kilvert called it: "Dangerous and brave."
Works for me!
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