Douglas Morrisson Theatre

Jackie Black: Director
Wendy W. Gilmore: Lighting Designer
Larry Jeane: Costume Designer
Don Tieck: Composer; Sound Designer
Kim A. Tolman: Scenic Designer
Alisha Renee Gamez (Lil)
Eve McElheney (Evelyn)
Rebecca Newton (Faith)
Ed Sokolsky (Ratcatcher, etc.)
Amanda Sylvia (Eva)
Donna Turner (Helga)

"Kindertransport" is the poignant story of seven-year-old Eva Schlesinger who, in 1938,
was put aboard a train with other Jewish children and evacuated from Nazi Germany in a
little-known rescue operation called the Kindertransport. She is taken in and raised by an
English woman. Torn between her German heritage and her desire to wipe the Kindertransport experience from her memory, Eva tries to become "English" herself. Based upon autobiographic accounts from Kindertransport children, this play focuses on Eva at four points in her life.
We are witness to the rainbow of emotions encountered by Eva as she tries to deal with her families and herself while burdened by the painful past which was chosen for her.
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