King Eternal - Short Film

A magical-realistic look at a divorce through a child's eyes.
Nikolas Orville Remington is a 10 year old boy that is still coping with the changes
his new step-father brings; one of them being his mother's unhappiness and regret
of having made another 'mistake.' Though Nikolas uses his action figures to escape
from his reality. Each time he fantasizes his father as a hero winning back his mother
from his seemingly nefarious step-father. Through a series of enlightened moments,
Nikolas begins to grow out of his childhood and accept that things can't always
be the way you want them to be.
Director: Christiano Dias
Writer: Christiano Dias
Production Co: Manowar Media, Muller Entertainment
Cinematography: Michael Helenek
Music: Daniel James Chan
Production Design: Kim A. Tolman
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